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Bali hammerhead fitness was established in the year 2000 and soon was enlarged and renovated. It is owned by three individuals from different countries, who bring their knowledge and skills to make a comfortable and great friendly environment to meet and train interested people by using the best quality tools and equipments. They help you with the best techniques to accomplish your goal.

Hammerhead in all over has as more than 25 chosen work out stations along with a complete range of Cardio equipments, heavy weight free weights, aerobic and stretching area with full air conditioned hall of 600 m2. Seeing out of the window you can enjoy beautiful sunsets on the west. In the north, Bali’s mountains are very famous and on the east there is the well known Gunung Agung volcano. Hammerhead fitness is situated at the heart place of Seminyak which is favoured by most of the people for regular training and exercising to get back again into shape before throwing and hitting on the dance floor.

The training equipments of hammerhead have been brought from US and the same are then modified and improved using the life fitness products to make it the best and complete gym with all amenities in Bali.
Since Hammerhead fitness in Nakula Seminyak is equipped with all facilities it has become the first choice of the people and so has become popular too. But, it is not just stuck with advanced equipments though best and experienced personal trainers are made available to you. They will be with you maximum time during your training session in the gym and to help you out to reach your aimed goal. Their instructions and guidance will make you learn lifelong skills related to nutrition and conditioning. At hammerhead fitness you can join classes of your choice which includes different classes like Hot Hip Hop, Dangdut Aerobic and Sexy Belly Dance. The teachers of the classes are well famous in their skills and have years of experience to train you with the best moves.balihammerhead

Hammerhead fitness also offers a wide range of fine quality imported SciFit, Prolab and Nutrabolics supplements and makes you available different varieties of healthy drinks bar and health food. They even offer the diet plans to be followed in everyday life to remain healthy and fit.
At hammerhead fitness the owners have tried making and providing a calm atmosphere which exposes Bali’s rich spirit of different cultures and unity of friendliness, motivating and helping one another in the society or communities. They are also the member of the Kuta Small Business Association and where they actively took part in Kuta Karnival and various organizing social and community events help out with our corporate social responsibility.

Keeping the same spirit they try to provide each of the members of the Hammerhead fitness with healthy lifestyle through offering economical rates for joining which is the best affordable value in Bali. Here, the localized can take the advantage of getting the special rates. Discounts offers are made available to the members who choice timing between 11am to 3pm. So join and gain best ever training experience with Hammerhead fitness.


  • Janos Beth says:

    I live in Bali and the Hammerhead gym is probably the most complete fitness centre in Bali. For the occasional or seasoned body builder, the place is destination for your fitness needs.

    • Maverick says:

      That is one scary looking tractor that is chasing you in that ph8t7!I&#o21o;m not sure I could muster the energy at the end of a race to run hard enough to barf. I am sure it is possible, but I am not sure that I am willing to barf it up being back in the middle of the pack. My hat is off to you on that.Cool shirt with the critters from “Where the Wild Things Are”.

  • Amin muhamado says:

    Would like to stay for 10 days from 19 of July to 29 of July is there any possibility?looking forward to hear you soon


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